About LVA-PW

Over 30 years ago, in 1991, Dona Swanson, a librarian in Prince William County, was asked by a library patron if she could help him learn to read. Dona didn’t hesitate to help. In fact, from that moment on, she threw her heart and soul into helping any resident of Prince William County who wanted to speak, write, and read English. She founded the Literacy Volunteers of America - Prince William (LVA-PW). Today, LVA-PW is the largest non-profit of its kind in Prince William County. It now helps hundreds of residents, each and every year, who want to learn English so that they can prosper and contribute to the very communities in which they live.

Our Mission
Our mission is to teach low-literate adults of Prince William County life changing skills - reading, writing, and speaking English - skills that will enable them to participate and prosper in the very communities in which they live.

Our Staff

John Swirchak, Chief Executive Officer
Mary Lopez, Administrative Assistant/
Program Administrator
Colin Ochocki – Program Coordinator

Board of Directors

Lynn Kerr – President
Delores Bazile - Vice President
Barbara Ball – Treasurer
George Kerr – Secretary
Eduardo Lopez
Ernestine Jenkins
Hala Ayala
Ken Ikeda
Monique Raulston-Ratliff
Stewart Clatterbaugh