Other Classes

Coming Soon – Other Classes at LVA-PW

Here are some of the classes we hope to offer again soon. Check here often for updates.

Basic Literacy- Reading and Writing

Basic Literacy learners look to develop their skills in reading and writing to achieve personal goals in employment, education, community, and parenting. All our Basic Literacy learners are working to fulfill those goals by improved literacy skills.

Civics and Citizenship

Civics and citizenship classes are for our foreign-born learners who are wishing to become U.S. Citizens and have applied for citizenship. This course is designed to help them study for the civics and English test portions of the citizenship application process.

Job Readiness and Workplace Literacy

Our Job Readiness lab is designed to help adult learners who are interested in learning workplace vocabulary, practice interview skills, write resumes and cover letters, and prepare to enter the American workforce.

Job Readiness-Professional Development

Our Job Readiness for Professionals course is designed to help adult learners who have a four-year degree or higher from their home country, who are interested in: learning workplace vocabulary, practice interview skills, and write resumes and cover letters in order to help them prepare and enter the American workforce.

GED Preparation Program

Our GED program is designed to help adult learners who are motivated to obtain their GED. The program is designed to help the learner develop a study plan and assist in improving their knowledge in the four subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

NVCC Entrance Exam Preparation-Writing

In partnership with Northern Virginia Community College, our entrance exam preparation writing program is for students who need to participate in a writing improvement course before beginning their college careers at NOVA.

Computer Literacy

The computer literacy program is designed as a basic computer skills course. This is for adult learners interested in learning basic Microsoft Suite programs skills, computer vocabulary, email etiquette, and typing skills.

Confidence Course

The confidence course is designed to build confidence in our adult learners. This program is designed to build self-confidence and develop conversation and presentation skills. This program is rigorous and requires confidence building activities such as presentations, debates, and community leader informational interviews.