The mission of LVA-PW is to teach adults the life changing skills of reading, writing, and speaking English that will enable them to participate and prosper in our society.


LVA-PW was formed in 1991 when a library patron asked a local librarian Dona Swanson to teach him to read. She did and then gathered her friends, local teachers, and other librarians and incorporated what would become LVA-PW. Since 1991, LVA-PW has grown – especially in recent years with the downturn of the economy. LVA-PW has been able to meet the demand for adult literacy services because of the generous support from our community – both in terms of volunteers and funding support.

Our Staff

John Swirchak – Chief Executive Officer

Colin Ochocki – Program Coordinator 

Board of Directors

Eduardo Lopez – President

Lynn Kerr – Vice President

Barbara Ball – Treasurer

George Kerr – Secretary

Ernestine Jenkins

Hala Ayala

Delores Bazile

Laura Ellis

Ken Ikeda

Monique Raulston-Ratliff

Stewart Clatterbaugh

Training Team

Lynn Kerr – Head Trainer

Martha Kobliska – Trainer

Brenda McClary – Workshop Coordinator