In the Spotlight with Betty Rodas

Dear Literacy Volunteers of America in Prince William. I have the honor to share my story with you!

My name is Betty Rodas, I live in Woodbridge, Virginia. I immigrated from Honduras. I am a proud immigrant who had the opportunity to look for a better life for my family and myself.

I am a happily married woman. I have three beautiful kids. I would like to introduce you to my story with English as a second language. I would like to briefly express my gratitude to the two programs that I am in today.

I found for myself, that I need to learn more English.  Since my kids were learning English at school, so to be able to help them. I was obligated at that point to learn English also. Soon I realized that I needed help and I was able to find the literature volunteer program at the public library near me. They had a flexible schedule to attend that fit in my evening twice a week. The literature volunteers’ program has great teachers always willing to help. I spent 6 months in the program at that time, I focused on grammar, conversation, reading, and speaking. Time passed by, and it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to learn more. One of my teachers in the program recommend me to continue with my education and to take try to get my GED. Years later I have the opportunity to enroll into another program at Woodson Adult High School. They offered a program to graduate as I continued to work as a part time student. I was able to graduate in 2018. However, it wasn’t enough for me again. In 2020 life have an opportunity for me to take. I stared the UFP business school program at the corporation I worked at. I also was able to make to the Dean’s list 4.0 last semester. I am grateful for that

After my second semester I found myself realizing that the business program it is a high level of English.   The UFP program also have Excellent connection from life experiences, great teachers, and strong team development groups. Very much all teaching is applicable for my job it changes my life too. Today I only see the positive of education it is hard but not impossible. I have the needs for more help specially with my writing as a second English speaker. Last summer I was able to research and find my volunteer ESL literature program still running. I was excited to find the program, and volunteer teacher who help me to perform my English skills. I was lucky to find extra support. It is because in life we all deal with different obstacles, but I am a hard work person who believe and opportunities and effort to change in life. I never give up. Today I have a great teacher who helps me in my weaknesses in English to be able to work better with my college classes. It is hard for me to adopt another language when I am an adult full of responsibilities, I found myself as a resilient in this country but grateful to be here and pursue my educational goals.

-- Betty Rodas